The Blatant Cultural Appropriation on St. Patrick’s Day Is Not Cool

Satire alert: This is a slightly modified version of a Huffington Post article from March 3 on Indian culture of the Asian variety. Changes are italicized. In another blatant example of cultural appropriation, thousands of years of rich history and heritage are reduced to a party theme for drunken people's amusement and consumption. And why not have any people of actual Irish descent present to showcase what is their own instead of a cheap and poorly executed imitation by people who have no connection to Ireland whatsoever? Non-Irish people, especially those in New York, want so badly to wear our culture as a costume because it's pretty, but they never want to carry all that it means to be Irish in the western context -- in which we are constantly reminded we don't belong -- No Irish Need Apply. Once again, non-Irish in positions of power will do what they want to do without any consideration for marginalized groups. Their talk of supporting gingers is just...(Read Full Post)