The 35% man strikes again

It was a Super Tuesday for Mr. Trump but not a good day for the 65% who keep voting for someone else.  These were Mr. Trump's results:

Alaska (33%), Alabama (43%), Arkansas (33%), Georgia (39%), Massachusetts (49%), Oklahoma (28%), Tennessee (39%), Texas (27%), Virginia (35%), Vermont (33%) and Minnesota (21%).

Yes, he will win the nomination, especially once we get into the winner-take-all calendar.   

My request to the candidates is simple: drop out if you cannot win your home states on March 15.  Governor Kasich and Senator Rubio should drop out if they lose Ohio and Florida, respectively.

Let's see how Mr Trump does against a single opponent.  Can he get more than 35% of the vote against Senator Cruz?  

We need to see a one-on-one contest to prove that Mr. Trump is ready for a general election.

My concern continues: Mr. Trump loses to Mrs. Clinton.  The latest CNN has Clinton up 52-44%.  The RCP average is Clinton up by 3!

Memo to "Trumpistas": I don't hate Trump.  I just want evidence that he can win the general election!

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