Stephanopoulos reminded on air that he’s a political operative playing a journalist on TV

The old rules embraced by the GOP establishment include politely granting legitimacy to all the biased political operatives with bylines who make the mainstream media an adjunct of the Democratic Party.  But this election cycle, the two leading contenders for the GOP nomination are refusing to play by the old rules, to the dismay of the elites of both parties.  

Last night, appearing on ABC’s election night coverage, Ted Cruz implemented the new rules.  Scott Whitlock of Newsbusters reports (hat tip: Instapundit):

A skeptical Stephanopoulos questioned Cruz’s path to the nomination, despite his wins in Oklahoma and Texas: “Marco Rubio is staying in the race. John Kasich is staying in the race. Ben Carson is staying in the race.” 

The sarcastic Texas senator retorted, “If we unify, head-to-head, our campaign beats Donald soundly. And for everyone concerned about the best interest of the Republican Party, if Donald is the nominee, in all likelihood, your former boss Hillary Clinton becomes the president.”

Watch for yourself:

Of course, as Whitlock points out, technically, Bill, not Hillary, was Stephanopoulos’s boss.  As if Hillary didn’t give orders that had to be obeyed or else.

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