Soros-funded group getting ready for ‘spontaneous’ demonstrations ‘caused’ by Trump’s rhetoric at GOP Convention?

People like George Soros know how to plan ahead to manufacture mob violence masquerading as social movements. It worked like a charm in Ferguson, Missouri, and laying the groundwork for energizing the critical black turnout in 2016, courtesy of #BlackLivesMatter and others.  #BLM is also serving as a useful vehicle for suppressing the Trump phenomenon.  

Now, a group called Working America, funded by the AFL-CIO (which relies on raking off a portion of the paychecks of people forced to join unions) and by billionaires George Soros and Tom Steyer, is advertising for organizers in Cleveland.

Their logo is redolent of communist revolutionary art:

From Craigslist Cleveland: (via screen capture in case this disappears)

Hat tip: Lucianne Goldberg