Shock poll shows a majority of French want a referendum on leaving the EU

The European Union is showing signs of falling apart, with citizens of other members eyeing the British referendum on leaving, scheduled for June 23.  But few expected the French, who have been leaders in the formation of the union and central to its operation, to be interested in a vote on leaving.  Such are the effects of the Muslim invasion of Europe, welcomed by Germany’s Chancellor Merkel and facilitated by the open borders that have resulted from the Shengen Treaty.

The U.K. Express reports:

In a fresh blow to the EU, 53 per cent of the French voted in favour of holding a UK-style referendum on the country’s membership. (snip)

Front National (FN) leader Marine Le Pen welcomed the poll results in a recent blog post, saying French demands for a referendum were “extremely encouraging”.

A quarter (25 per cent) of French people also want to see an end of free movement throughout Europe after the EU’s Schengen zone was heavily criticised in the aftermath of the Paris attacks. (snip)

 France is not the first European country where voters are demanding their own chance to leave the EU, with both the Netherlands and the Czech Republic saying they want to follow Britain in holding an in-out referendum.

British voters who favor Brexit but fear the economic consequences may have these fears diminished if they believe that other EU members would follow them out.  At the moment, polling indicates that the French would vote to stay in:

A third (33 per cent) of French people surveyed would back a so-called Frexit, while 45 per cent would vote to remain and 22 per cent are undecided, according to the University of Edinburgh poll

There is little question that Angela Merkel has seriously weakened the EU – yet another unintended consequence of her soft-headed “good intentions” in welcoming colonists intent on Islamizing Germany and Europe.

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