Satisfying smackdown of a politically correct university president

When The Bell Curve, a dispassionate and rigorously scholarly study of intelligence and class structure, written by the late Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray, was published in 1994, outrage from the politically correct was immediate. I will never forget reading a copy of it shortly after publication on an airliner set to depart San Francisco for New York when a passenger boarding the plane sneered at me, “Why are you reading that sh*t?” as he passed by my seat. This book was, in other words, forbidden knowledge and the taboo was being enforced by random affluent progressives, because among other topics, it discussed the indisputable fact that IQ varies in statistically significant degree by race, and it examined the various explanations for why that might be the case. The position of my fellow passenger and almost the entire left-leaning segment of the public and the chattering class was that such questions must not even be asked. Genuine critics of the book had...(Read Full Post)