Sanders wins 2 โ€“ and they say the GOP has problems

It's easier to talk about the GOP races.  More people are voting, and the candidates are more diverse and dynamic.  Our debates may be loud and lively, but they are also very informative. Frankly, the biggest difference between Mrs. Clinton and Senator Sanders is that the former was born under President Truman and the latter under President Roosevelt.     Another one is that Mr. Sanders was born before Pearl Harbor and Mrs. Clinton after Hiroshima. Beyond that, they are both liberal and pandering.  He panders to white college students, and she panders to minorities.  This is why she wins South Carolina with black voters, and he wins New Hampshire with white voters. There is a lot of talk about the GOP tearing itself apart, and there is truth to that.  However, the Democrats are also in big trouble, as noted in the American Interest: Consider two stories from yesterday’s papers. The first, in the New York...(Read Full Post)