Rubio for me on Super Tuesday

We vote early in Texas.  In fact, I have not voted on election day since standing in line to vote for Bush in 1988. 

Let me tell you that I voted for Senator Rubio in the Texas GOP primary.

To be honest, I did not start out as a Rubio supporter.  I was very impressed with the governors, from Kasich of Ohio to Bush of Florida to Walker of Wisconsin to our own Perry of Texas.  I couldn't believe last summer that the GOP had such a crop of talented candidates with résumés of accomplishment and success.

Sadly, we learned over the last few months that those men did not turn on the voters despite very successful records as governors.  We've been infected by the outsider "Zika."  I hope that it works out.

Today, we are really down to a handful: Trump, Cruz, Rubio, and maybe Kasich.

Trump will lose to Hillary Clinton, and Cruz will not unite the party.  Let's see what happens if Kasich wins on March 15.

Super Tuesday will not settle the race.  Cruz will likely win Texas and pick up Arkansas.  Trump will win the others but hang around the 35% figure again.

The real test is Ohio a couple of weeks.  If Kasich wins in Ohio and Rubio pulls out Florida, then this is back to square one.

If Trump wins everything, then let's hope that Trump's past does not come back to haunt all of those who invested in the outsider theme.

For now, I voted for Rubio because he has the broadest appeal and beats Clinton in the polls today.  To be fair, Kasich and Cruz also lead Clinton today.

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