Report: 123 signed up as ISIS suicide bombers

Sky News is reporting that more than 120 ISIS fighters have signed up for a suicide bomber brigade. The brigade consists of members from several European countries, as well as countries in the Middle East.

The list was gleaned from registration documents that were given to German intelligence officials by an ISIS defector.

The Hill:

The files also include registration documents for new recruits and information about training camps, Sky News reported.
There were 25 Belgians identified in the files, 48 references to Belgian nationals and 70 references to the country itself.
ISIS recruits who return to Europe are reportedly trained to both carry out attacks and to be trainers. 
The report came after ISIS claimed responsibility for Tuesday's deadly attacks in Brussels, Belgium, which killed at least 30 people and wounded more than 200, according to CNN.
Earlier this month, The Australian reported that the list of suicide bombers was included in more than 22,000 registration documents leaked to the German intelligence service. The documents were reportedly leaked by an ISIS defector.

You have to assume that not all of those suicide bombers would return home. But even if only a fraction of them are in Europe right now, that's a terrible amount of firepower available to terrorist cells to exploit. Just two suicide bombers killed 34 in Belgium. Imagine half a dozen of them let loose on a European city?

It seems certain that something very, very big is coming. Belgium can't be the best that ISIS can do. Perhaps it won't rival 9/11 in casualties. But it will be awful enough, and shocking enough that such an attack will shake the European nations to their foundation and challenge their notions of tolerance to its core.