Poll: Trump would take much of his GOP base with him as third-party candidate

A new poll by Rasmussen Reports conducted on March 6 and 7 shows that if Donald Trump is denied the GOP nomination for presidential candidate, he could run as a third-party candidate with much of his base intact.

Among Republican voters, 36% say they are "likely" to vote for Trump if he runs as a third-party presidential candidate – and 24% of all GOP voters are "very likely" to give Trump their vote if he chooses a third-party route.

The survey results add further support to the view that the anti-Trump scorched earth policy underway by the GOP establishment and its allies in the conservative media will backfire on two fronts: (1) it will guarantee a Hillary Clinton victory in the general election, and (2) a substantial portion of the GOP base will be lost indefinitely for future elections after frustrated voters realize that their participation in the primary process was so vehemently fought against by an entrenched Republican bureaucracy and suite of media pundits so insensitive to the base's concerns over the country's direction.