Poll: Most of GOP base believes Obama is a foreign-born Muslim

A new poll conducted March 24-26 by Public Policy Polling reports that most of the GOP base believes that President Barack Obama is a foreign-born Muslim.

When asked whether or not Obama was born in the United States, 40% of GOP supporters answered in the negative versus 36% saying he was.

On the question of Obama's religion, 52% of respondents said he is a Muslim compared to just 20% who think he is a Christian.

The poll is also the first national survey conducted since both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz named their primary foreign policy advisers and began discussing in detail their views of American national security strategy.

Other than a rogue Fox News national poll from March 20-22 that showed Trump and Cruz in a statistical tie, recent polling data since mid-March has consistently shown Trump averaging about a 12% lead on Cruz, with their respective support starting to lock in at 42% for Trump, 30% for Cruz, and 20% for Kasich.

As of yet, foreign policy issues do not appear to have either helped or hindered Trump and Cruz.  Additional polling expected later this week should also begin to reflect any influence on public opinion from the personal behavior allegations that flew back and forth between the candidates and their proxies late last week and over the weekend.

The polling results continue to support the trajectory of Trump winning a large majority of the state primaries and coming to the convention with either a bare majority of candidates or a slight minority of the magic number required to clinch the GOP nomination.