Poll: Majority of American public supports ban on Muslim entry into United States

A poll conducted March 24-26 by Morning Consult reveals that an outright majority of U.S. voters support Donald Trump's proposed ban on Muslim entry into the country.

Among those surveyed, 50% were in favor of such a ban versus just 38% opposed and 11% who had no opinion.

Almost three quarters of Republicans (71%, with 20% opposing) support the ban, as well as 49% of independents (36% opposing) and 34% of Democrats (56% opposing).

Similarly, a clear majority (49%) of all voters support Ted Cruz's call for additional law enforcement patrols of Muslim neighborhoods, with only 36% opposing.  Support was highest among Republicans (70%, with 20% opposing) but also significant among independents (46%, with 34% opposing) and even Democrats (35%, with 52% opposing).

Support is also growing for more intense measures to deal with security threats against the American homeland.  Forty-five percent of those surveyed said "the United States needs to stop tying its hands and start using enhanced interrogation techniques, such as waterboarding, against suspected terrorists in order to defeat ISIS."  Just 34% disagreed with this view.