Poll: At least one-quarter of Americans want to nuke ISIS

While a new poll released March 31 by Public Policy Polling was focused on general election Republican vs. Democratic presidential candidate match-ups, one piece of information hiding in the survey was most interesting. When asked whether or not they would "support or oppose attacking ISIS with nuclear weapons," 24% of respondents said they would support the policy, with 62% opposing and 14% unsure. The poll comes after GOP presidential nominee front-runner Donald Trump indicated last week that -- as president -- he would not rule out the use of nuclear weapons in the war against ISIS. Since these comments, many have questioned whether any plausible scenarios exist under which the U.S. could use nuclear weapons against ISIS without also causing massive casualties among a -- presumably -- nonaligned civilian population. Certainly one could foresee the employment of small-yield tactical nuclear weapons against ISIS training camps and concentrations of battle...(Read Full Post)