Political correctness implosion in Sweden

When PC imperatives collide, something has to give. And in Sweden tomorrow, what will give is the anti-energy neo-primitivism of “Earth Hour” during which progressives are supposed to demonstrate their concern (or something) about global warming, environmental despoliation, (or something) by living as our stone age predecessors did – without artificial light (even candles, I guess).

There are actually two other PC imperatives -- themselves in conflict – that are causing “Earth Hour” to be discarded like some non-recyclable plastic bottle. One of these is the imperative for Western countries to welcome (and support) unlimited numbers of migrants from less fortunate lands (in practice, especially those dominated by Islam). The other imperative is rape prevention, which in more progressive locales includes the expression of any heterosexual attraction on the part of males.  Thus, as Speisa.com reports:

On basis of the large number of immigrant-related sexual attacks recently, against women in Östersund, the municipality will keep the street lights lit during the "Earth Hour" on Saturday.

"Earth Hour" in Sweden is between 20:30-21:30, on March 19, when it's pitch black this time of year.

- Earth Hour is a good and important event, but this year we choose to have the street lights lit in view of what has happened. We want everyone to feel safe, says councilor Ann-Sofie Andersson, to SVT Nyheter Jämtland.

Only in recent weeks, police have received 14 reports of women and girls who have been persecuted or harassed in Östersund, but many incidents are believed to have been unreported

You can have your neo-primitivism, or your anti-rape campaign, or your Muslim immigrant flow, but you can’t have them all at once.