One month and counting on Hillary’s Goldman Sachs transcripts

Hillary’s “welcoming” of the releases of her State Department emails, the ones that survived, took over a year.  How long for the Goldman Sachs transcripts?  And why more than one day? 

It is coming up on one month, and per the modus operandi of the Clintons, she will delay and deflect and wait for the news cycle to push the issue to the dustbin. 

Bernie Sanders let Hillary off the hook on the email scandal, and this may have cost him the nomination.  But Bernie, why not drive home this transcript issue? 

To refresh the conversation, here's a link to two videos, each containing questions to Hillary and responses from Hillary regarding the release of the transcripts.

First, when asked during the debate, Hillary responded thusly.

Answer: “I don’t know the status.  I will certainly look into it.”

Post-debate, and in the crowd, she is asked once again.

“Secretary Clinton, will you release the transcripts of your paid speeches to Goldman Sachs?”

Answer: “Ha ha.  Ha ha ha ha.”

Could you see the daggers spew from her eyes?  One thinks this is one of those times where she “tries” to be honest (Scott Pelley interview).  What an effort it must be.

They must have been very interesting speeches, ones delivered completely out of her character.  The rumored compensation for these two speeches to Goldman Sachs is $350,000 per speech.  For someone who has never said anything insightful, clever, or worth repeating, that is high compensation.  Maybe the payout was in parts – say, $500 for the speech appearance, $349,500 as a kind of retainer.

One might ask, why are the transcripts hidden?  Why were they ever hidden?

But the age-old rule certainly applies in this instance.  People hide things for only one reason: so other people don’t see.