Obama's true-life 'nanny' state

As past is prologue, flash back to February of 2008.  Way back then – even before Mr. Obama's first election – Michelle Obama said of her hubby, "Barack will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual, uninvolved, uninformed."  Rest assured: like the oracle at Delphi, that's a woman to read the Obama tea leaves by.

In retrospect of a more than seven transpired years of a largely dictatorial and ultra-constitutional ("I have a pen, I have a phone") presidency, this nebulous and foreboding nugget is now as clear as glass.  Mr. Obama's totalitarian promise of interference in the lives of average private citizens extends to truly remarkable and unprecedented lengths.

Apparently, the White House has waded effortlessly into big-government "do-gooder" fascism.  While the year is technically 2016, the uneasy chill feels like Orwell's 1984 in Mr. Obama's sly Big Brother attempt to usurp parental control of childrearing.  I refer to the intimate activity of protecting babies' bums from diaper rash with the government's "well-meaning" initiative of low-cost diapers.  From on high, it is Mr. Obama's literal manifestation of cradle-to-grave government dependence.

After all, despite thousands of years of human societies, how else are people old enough to sire children expected to raise them if not for this Bernie Sanders-style "free" government largesse?

Think those diapers are expensive now?  Wait 'til "junior poopy pants" grows up and can't find work (due to the lasting domino effect of Obama's present-day job-killing economic policies) and that 20-trillion-dollar Chinese bill for government funds borrowed at interest (read: the debt) comes due.  By then, this whole next generation of Americans will really be knee-deep in the brown stuff.

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