Not science fiction: ‘Cyborg’ bionic heart patch combining living tissue and engineered materials unveiled in Israel

If Iran does not succeed in its goal of wiping Israel off the map, the world may be able to benefit from the stunning technological advances being unveiled by scientists there on a regular basis.  The latest advance is nothing less than revolutionary.  The Times of Israel reports:

Tel Aviv University unveiled a remote-controlled, bionic heart patch, which researchers say could become a revolutionary alternative to heart transplants for patients whose hearts have been damaged by heart attacks or cardiac disease.

The patch expands and contracts like a human heart, but regulates itself like a machine and can be paced and programmed to release drugs from afar.

“It’s very science fiction, but it’s already here, and we expect it to move cardiac research forward in a big way,” said Prof. Tal Dvir, who pioneered the invention with PhD student Ron Feiner.

“Until now, we could only engineer organic cardiac tissue, with mixed results. Now we have produced viable bionic tissue, which ensures that the heart tissue will function properly,” he said in a statement issued Monday by American Friends of Tel Aviv University.

The Cyborg Cardiac Patch, details of which have been published in the journal Nature Materials, combines real, living cardiac cells able to expand and contract with engineered tissue packed with nano-electronics that can sense what is happening in the patch, provide electrical stimulation and — via electro-active polymers — release growth stimulants or drugs and harness stem cells.

“Imagine that a patient is just sitting at home, not feeling well,” Dvir said. “His physician will be able to log onto his computer and this patient’s file — in real time. He can view data sent remotely from sensors embedded in the engineered tissue and assess exactly how his patient is doing. He can intervene to properly pace the heart and activate drugs to regenerate tissue from afar.

I hope that all members of the BDS movement will refrain from seeking treatment with any medical advances created in Israel.  Of course, the Iranian mullahs, and the part of the worldwide Muslim public which seeks Israel’s destruction, fantasize that the parts of the sixth-century world under Mohammed’s direct rule were the ideal state of humanity, so they would not be interested in any modern technologies produced almost exclusively by infidels.

On the other hand, if a Saudi king needs heart surgery...

Hat tip: Stephen Bryen and Clarice Feldman

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