NBC preparing a blast from the past for Trump?

Why did NBC recently ask to buy The Madness Of Donald Trump, a British 1995 documentary, including its unused footage?

Selina Scott, a British journalist who rose to fame co-hosting BBC’s morning show in the 1980s, has a history with Trump.  In 1995, Scott chronicled Trump in an hour-long documentary

Since one of the nicer things Scott calls Trump is the comb-over creep, I suspect that the unused footage NBC wants may illustrate his attitude to women.  Trump gave Scott a lot of access:

During the two weeks I spent with Trump there were to be helicopter rides over Manhattan, and private jet flights to his lavish ocean-side Florida estate, a trophy property once owned by Marjorie Merriweather Post, one of the richest women in America.

He invited me to his poolside party, boasted about his great skills as a billionaire businessman, and, most tellingly, introduced me to the two most important women in his life – his then wife Marla and his mother Mary.

I believe it’s not too fanciful to suggest that the key to understanding Trump is in his attitude to women.

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