Man charged as Brussels bomber was ‘migrant rights activist’

Faycal Cheffou has been arrested and charged with being the man in the hat captured on surveillance video entering the airport with two suicide bombers. He’s been identified by the taxi driver who picked up the bombers and dropped them at the airport. He is also a well-known “migrant rights activist” who has been on police and official radar for some time. Liam Deacon of Breitbart reports:

Mr. Cheffou was listed as working for a radio station for North African migrants in an article from 2005. He claimed to be a ‘freelance journalist’ who took a special interest in refugees.

Last year Brussels Mayor, Yves Mayeur, accused him of trying to recruit jihadists among asylum seekers and migrants living at a refugee centre at Maximilien park near the northern rail station.

According to Belgium paper Le Soir, Mr. Mayeur considered him to be “dangerous” and repeatedly tried without success to have him legally expelled from the centre. Finally, in September, the mayor issued a ban to keep him out of the park.

Cheffou has a YouTube channel with videos decrying the treatment of Muslim colonists (a more accurate term than migrants, since they seek the transformation of Belgium into an Islamic state) in Belgium:

…recent topics include supposed police brutality against ethnic minorities, alleged human rights abuses against Palestinians, the Quran, and a report on Hasna Ait Boulahcen, a suspected terrorist who died in a raid linked to the Paris attacks.

So who's the victim?

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