Let’s apply the Trump Standard of rhetoric fostering violence to Obama

Sanctimonious voices in the media, and among Democrats and some Republicans (shame on you: Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio) declare that Donald Trump fostered a climate of violence that justifies left wing groups organizing, printing up signs, and violently disrupting his rallies. This is shameful, and leads to a political state where the forcible suppression of a political candidate by mob violence is justified by a political establishment afraid of the policies he advocates. If inflammatory rhetoric justifies organizing a mob to shut down a political speech, how about Obama? On June 14, 2008, the Wall Street Journal published this: Mobster wisdom tells us never to bring a knife to a gun fight. But what does political wisdom say about bringing a gun to a knife fight? That’s exactly what Barack Obama said he would do to counter Republican attacks “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,” Obama said at a Philadelphia fundraiser Friday night....(Read Full Post)