Legal American weed is not leading to a major drop in Mexico's violent crime rates

Last year, the media was touting a consistent narrative: the legalization of marijuana in a few U.S. states was likely leading to large drops in Mexico's violent crime rate. At The Daily Caller from February 2015: Homicides in Mexico have dropped from 22,852 in 2011 to 15,649 as of 2014, which tracks relatively closely with the legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington, although the link between the two events is not conclusive. From Time magazine in April 2015: Coinciding with legalization, violence has decreased in Mexico. Homicides hit a high in 2011, with Mexican police departments reporting almost 23,000 murders. Last year, they reported 15,649. With the release of the full year of 2015 crime statistics from Mexico, the most likely conclusion appears to be that pot legalization in the U.S. had a minimal -- if not negligible -- impact on violent crime for its southern neighbor. First off, credible journalism on the topic must acknowledge...(Read Full Post)