James Comey ‘s Trump Card

In the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s misuse of classified material, FBI Director James Comey holds the trump card, so to speak.  He may already have sufficient evidence to indict her, and for obstruction of justice as well as funneling classified material to her Foundation.

Loretta Lynch cannot let herself into the J. Edgar Hoover building late one night and stuff the evidence into her stockings.  But she can delay the issuing of the indictment until after November.  That is, unless Comey threatens to resign and testify before Congress.  If he tells her he will be joined by new Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and several of the six Executive Assistant Directors who oversee field operations, Lynch will have no choice but to impanel a grand jury.

Comey is a George W. Bush appointee, a registered Republican who contributed to the McCain and Romney campaigns.   In a famous incident, he rushed to John Ashcroft’s bedside at George Washington U. Hospital to stiffen Ashcroft’s resistance to White House pressure to authorize certain provisions of the new NSA program.  He’s gone on record as saying that the Dept. of Justice “has to be seen as the good guys, and not as either this administration or that administration.”

But if Donald Trump is the nominee and Lynch drags her feet, will Comey take the initiative?

Trump cultists close their eyes to the extent to which the Donald is loathed by constituencies across the spectrum of the GOP:  conservatives, libertarians, moderates.  It’s not Trump versus the “Establishment.”  It’s Trump versus evangelicals, Catholics, and all others who are appalled by his un-Christian behavior -- the braggadocio, the insults, the incitement to violence.

Trump is the Establishment.  He supports rebound amnesty (“we’ll let the good ones back in”), socialized medicine (“we’ll take care of everyone”) and is clueless about Islam.  We’ll stop Muslim immigration “until we figure out what’s going on.”  He recently assigned this task to Anderson Cooper, of all people:  “You're going to have to figure that out.  OK?  You'll get another Pulitzer, right?  But you'll have to figure that out.”  How about reading Andrew McCarthy or Frank Gaffney?

Islam, by the way, does not hate us, though a disturbingly high percentage of U.S. Muslims appear to.  Twenty-five percent in a recent survey agree that “violence against Americans here in the U.S. can be justified as part of the global jihad.”  But 51% believe Muslims should have the right to be governed by sharia law.  Only 39% think they should be subject to American laws and courts.  Dhimmi Don is with them.  He castigated Pam Geller for inciting the faithful by exercising her right of free speech.

In addition to his other virtues, Trump is incoherent.  He is unable to explain his budget except to say, “Larry Kudlow loves it.”  (Better Larry than Jim Cramer, but still not very informative.)  Donald’s not going to touch entitlements:  we’ll do it all by eliminating “waste, fraud, and abuse” and tougher negotiations with drug companies over Medicaid drug payments.  He’s unable to explain his health care policy except to say, “we’ll eliminate the lines around the states.” 

James Comey is an intelligent guy and a practicing Catholic.  Do you think he supports Trump?  Do you think he’s not appalled at the prospect of a Trump Presidency?

Of course if John Kasich joins Marco Rubio in dropping out, and both endorse and campaign for Ted Cruz, Trump may not win another primary.  (Those millions of Dems and Independents supposedly flocking to the polls in open primaries have never given Trump close to 50% of the vote, something every successful candidate has achieved multiple times by this point.)  But it’s asking a lot of politician to do a selfless thing.

Ted Cruz will eviscerate Hillary in the debates.  Donald will have to depend on The National Enquirer (“Madame Secretary in Bed with Muslim Sisterhood”) and the FBI.  But Comey’s help may not be forthcoming if Trump’s the nominee.

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