Is the violence at Trump's Chicago rally a campaign game-changer?

The violence last night in Chicago that resulted in the cancelation of a Donald Trump campaign rally won't affect the votes of the candidate's most ardent supporters – or opponents. But there are a lot of voters who want to support Trump but aren't sure about him.  Then there are voters who lean against supporting Trump but who are persuadable.  It is those two classes of voters who could turn this GOP primary campaign on a dime and either give Trump a runaway victory or lead to a loss of support that would hand Ted Cruz a golden opportunity to run off a string of primary wins. Which way these voters go will depend on their perception of what happened in Chicago and whether Trump himself is responsible for the violence. His opponents believe he is: Fellow Republican presidential candidates are speaking out after Donald Trump canceled his campaign rally in Chicago, Illinois amid massive crowds of protesters and what the...(Read Full Post)