Human achievements from the totalitarian left

These are interesting times.  The United States stands ready to espouse a collectivism that its very founders were repelled by and that its citizens fought and died to defeat.  Western Europe seems compelled to surrender itself  to a religio-culture that its distant ancestors epically fought to a standstill over 700 years ago and then rolled back over centuries.  Cultural and national mass suicide is now the cause célèbre in the West, toasted by academics and the media alike.

Consider the old saying "By their fruits shall you know them."  This holds for civilizations and societies as well as individuals.  Ponder what epic, game-changing accomplishments have been served up to humanity by Islam since, say, the 1500s.  An "empire" that stretched from south Asia to north Africa!  Yet no diseases cured.  No architectural breakthroughs.  No pivotal findings in astronomy, geology, or even art or music.  And the last century saw an epochal vastness of wealth come into Islamic hands via the price of oil.

And what of the Soviet empire (from Siberia to East Germany) that spanned almost a century?  Or the Chinese communist empire of almost a third of the Earth's population for over 70 years?  Or of communism or collectivism  in general?  Breakthroughs in telecommunications?  In energy?  Medicine?  Transportation?  All, no.  In literature, the greatest Soviet writer of the century, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, used the mass slavery of his culture as his central theme.  How is that for a cultural talisman?

Now contrast this with the West, be it the United States or Britain or France, Germany, Italy, etc.  Ironically, the current U.S. president is perhaps one of the West's great haters, and yet the U.S. and Europe have produced, over a similar span of time, the telephone, electricity, the internet, vaccination for over a dozen ravenous diseases, aspirin, recombinant DNA, the microchip, the transistor, the skyscraper, the automobile, the lunar landing, robotic surgery, fiber optics, atomic physics, the Hubble telescope, hybrid crops, jet travel, satellite communications, artificial joints, organ transplant surgery, and on and on.

With the tide-like advance of Islamic jihad and totalitarianism in general – Marx's or Mohammed's – over the last century, I find myself fearful not for my country or my religion, but for my species.  To hand the Earth over to the subhumans who espouse all forms of hegemony is to plunge Homo sapiens into a dark age from which it may never arise.  At a minimum you can say goodbye to any of the advances we hope are just now outside our grasp: cancer cured; plentiful, clean energy; Alzheimer's cured; malaria cured; interplanetary travel.  They would be myths, not breakthroughs.

Look at the track record of these systems and societies and ask yourself: what advances can you really expect to come to fruition?  If it is not a better implement to kill, I doubt that it is in these enemies of humanity's skill set to achieve.

Free men create.  Free men dream.  Enslaved men simply try to survive.  The enslavers of men simply suck the lifeblood of the human spirit and give nothing back.  Before it is too late, it is time for all men and women to honestly look at the fruits of what they espouse, and truthfully ask themselves: what good do they offer humanity?  What has collectivism in its various malignant forms ever offered us?

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