Hillary promises, ‘We’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business’

Hillary Clinton was employing understatement when she:

... acknowledged during Wednesday’s Democratic debate that she was “not a natural politician” and expanded on the theme in an interview with the SiriusXM radio show “The Mayor” the following day. 

“This is harder for me,” she said. “I admire the skills my husband and President Obama have. They’re charismatic and they’re compelling and they’re great orators. I do get up every day and say, ‘What can I do to try make someone’s life better?’” 

Asking for votes on the basis of pity is one thing.  But promising to throw them out of work is even worse.  And that’s what Hillary, who needs to win coal-producing states Pennsylvania and Ohio, did yesterday.  Daid Rutz in the Washington Free Beacon:

Hillary Clinton said that her policies would “put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business” during Sunday night’s Ohio town hall on CNN.

Clinton was asked by TVOne’s Roland Martin about her Democratic primary success in states that tend to vote Republican in general elections, and he wondered how she could carry such states once matched up with a Republican rather than a far-left candidate like Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.).

“I’m the only candidate which [sic] has a policy about how to bring economic opportunity using clean renewable energy as the key into coal country, because we’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business, right, Tim? and we’re going to make it clear that we don’t want to forget those people,” Clinton said.

“Those people labored in those mines for generations, losing their health, often losing their lives to turn on our lights and power our factories. Now we’ve got to move away from coal and all the other fossil fuels, but I don’t want to move away from the people who did the best they could to produce the energy that we relied on.”

How long did those Solyndra jobs last?  They cost taxpayers only about half a billion dollars.  The idea that coal miners in southern Ohio are going to make solar panels is ludicrous.  How many of them are willing to wait for highly subsidized jobs in place of well-paying coal mining jobs?  It is fashionable for liberals to assume that today’s coal miners are all suffering from black lung disease.  What they don’t realize is that strip mines like those in Ohio and Wyoming are capital-intensive affairs paying top wages to skilled operators of expensive machinery.  Not for the first time, Hillary is stuck in the past.

Hat tip: Ed Lasky

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