Hey, consumers, don't fret: GMO produce aren't Frankenfoods...and regular climate isn't Frankenweather

There is as much data to support the view that Genetically Modified Organisms [GMOs] are safe as there is to support the view that climate is changing as a result of man made CO2, yet the same people who rant and rave against GMO’s are mostly the same, primarily leftists, who think we should ban petroleum.  How strange.  In research I did years ago, there were enormous numbers of studies sifting the data for evidence of ill effects from ingestion of these GMO vegetables, fruits and produce in general, or the fauna who eat these altered seeds and livestock feed. Cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, sheep, deer, rabbits, and others.  There has been zero indication of damage, short-term or long-, from eating GMO foods. This research is now I believe longitudinally more than 50 years old or so. Yet the nay-sayers, like Prince Charles of the UK, still maintain a strongly negative and overcautious view. Were it just a decade, and diseases take, as we know, longer than...(Read Full Post)