Gallup: Trump leads on all major policy issues among GOP voters

The latest polling data by Gallup shows Republican presidential nominee frontrunner Donald Trump leading on all major policy issues among GOP voters.

On the issue of the economy and jobs, Trump was picked as best for dealing with that issue as president by nearly two thirds (64%) of survey respondents, with Marco Rubio (17%) and Ted Cruz (13%) finishing a distant second and third, respectively.

Trump also finished first in the poll on the topic of the federal deficit, with 61% of those surveyed saying he would be the best for addressing this problem.  Rubio and Cruz were tied at just 16% each.

Similar policy wins were obtained by Trump over his GOP rivals on immigration (52% vs. 25% for Rubio and 18% for Cruz), national security (46% vs. 24% for Rubio and 22% for Cruz), and health care (44%, vs. 23% for Rubio and 22% for Cruz).

Trump also won the credibility race by a long shot against Rubio and Cruz.  Of those polled, 56% said Trump would accomplish what he sets out to do.  Only 21% and 16%, respectively, thought Rubio and Cruz would achieve their goals.

Almost half (45%) thought Trump would improve the United States' standing in the world, compared to 27% for Rubio and only 20% for Cruz.

When it comes to who would be best at protecting citizens' constitutional rights, Trump (38%) finished well ahead of Cruz (31%) and Rubio (24%).

Despite – or perhaps because of – his combative style, Trump (35%) was even picked as the best GOP presidential candidate for dealing effectively with Congress, followed by Rubio (32%) and Cruz (23%).