Gallup poll: Voters love Trump's tax plans

In a poll of Americans across the political spectrum, there is widespread support for the tax proposals suggested by GOP presidential nominee frontrunner Donald Trump.

Trump has proposed eliminating most federal income tax deductions and loopholes available to the very rich.  Sixty-three percent of Americans support this, with just 17% opposing.

Both Trump and Ted Cruz have proposed eliminating the estate tax that is paid when a person dies.  This garners 54% support and 19% disagreeing.

The idea of simplifying the federal tax code into four tax brackets instead of the current seven, which has been championed by Trump, receives 47% agreement and only 12% opposition.

In addition, Trump's recommendation to cut federal income taxes for all income levels gets far more support (47%) than opposition (34%), as does his proposal to lower the federal corporate tax rate to 15% (43% agree, 30% disagree).

Cruz's proposal for a 10% flat tax is also popular among Americans, with 45% support and 28% opposition.

However, Cruz's proposal to eliminate the Department of Education, the Department of Energy, the Department of Commerce, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development is a loser among all voters – getting just 18% support and 63% opposition – as is his suggestion to abolish the IRS (34% agree, 44% disagree).

Voters are also not generally supportive of Cruz's ideas that there should be a hiring freeze for all civilian jobs in the executive branch of government (33% agree, 28% disagree) and that three government employees should leave the federal government before the government can hire one new employee (29% agree, 31% disagree).

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