Don't forget that the other guys have a diversity problem, too

The Trump vs. Rubio insult show has dominated the news for several days.  The "in the tank for Hillary" media is having a lot of fun watching the GOP go back and forth about the size of the candidates' hands or the reality of their tans. To be fair, the GOP spectacle is hard to watch.  I am not enjoying it, although it is refreshing to see Rubio and Cruz finally attack Trump.  However, the problems on the other side (i.e., Democrats) may have a bigger impact in November.   This is from Michael Barone: I'm not the only one who has noticed that Democratic caucus and primary turnout so far has been down as compared to 2008 and that Republican caucus and primary turnout has been up as compared to either 2012 or 2008. Anna Greenberg, the Democratic pollster, made the same observation on a joint American Enterprise Institute/Brookings Institution/Center for American Progress panel last Thursday. The results of the South...(Read Full Post)