Does Hillary have a political death wish?

Ineptness alone does not seem adequate to explain the series of gaffes that have characterized Hillary Clinton’s campaign recently.  While violence at Trump events (but not the organized effort behind the disruptors) has grabbed airtime among talking heads, Hillary has been taking a wrecking ball to her appeal to voters.

I already mentioned today her peculiar promise to throw swing-state voters out of work and her seeming request for pity votes.  But the oddest, and most self-evidently self-sabotaging, of her missteps surely has to be setting herself up for ridicule by stating Saturday:


This led to almost immediate mockery:


And even worse, handwritten thank-you note complete with a picture:


Back in some recess of her mind, Hillary must have known that Sanders was “somewhere,” and so asking where he was set herself up for mockery.  Who can know what dark passions were inspired by her public humiliation at the hands of her husband over Monica (and countless other “bimbo eruptions”)?  Her quest to make him the first spouse must be complex, at the very least.

Unless, that is, her brain injury that caused her to wear funny glasses is more serious than she wants to admit.

Either way, she is mucking up badly.