By all accounts, Mitt Romney gave a great speech on Trump.  Romney spoke to the great character of “the American people” and of “past presidents.”  He highlighted polls showing Donald Trump losing to Hillary Clinton in the general election and outlined a multitude of reasons why this would be bad for America – most notably Hillary’s failings as secretary of state and her and Bill’s long track record of crony capitalism.  He reiterated the theme that Donald Trump is a con man and shuckster:

This is what I know – Donald Trump is a phony, a fraud. His promises are as worthless as a degree from Trump University. He’s playing the members of the American public for suckers – he gets a free ride to the White House, and all we get is a lousy hat.

Where was this spunk in 2012?  If Mitt had shown half this vinegar in his run for the White House, he would be president.

I like Mitt Romney as a man.  I liked him and thought he was the right candidate to solve our economic problems in 2012.  Many of his foreign policy positions turned out to be prescient.  God knows he would have been better for America these last three years than Barack Obama.

Therein lies is the rub.  The American people, and most certainly conservatives, would have had his back in 2012 if he would have (figuratively) taken a swing at Barack Obama.  Donald Trump does not have half the character traits that Mitt Romney has to be commander in chief, but at least he’s prepared to throw the haymaker.

As I understand the pundits, Mitt Romney is considering sidestepping the GOP nomination process and either hijacking the GOP convention or running as a Conservative Party candidate.

Don’t do it!  America’s success, and the GOP’s future, demands an alliance between the conservative and moderate wings of our party, chartered in opposition to the progressive elements of the Democratic as well as the Republican Party.

The American people are right of center.  This is not extreme right, as many in media (and political class) are wont to portray, but rather what used to be core American values: self-determination, personal responsibility, thrift, the work ethic, adherence to our founding principles, faith. and family.  America’s popular culture has moved so far from these values that they only appear extreme.

Ted Cruz has staked out this beachhead.  He has diligently fought big-government statists in both parties and has built a foundation of support in early primary states with wins in Texas, Iowa, Alaska, and Oklahoma.  It’s important to note that most of Trump’s victories have come in open primary states, where one could argue that the Democrat machines could be elevating Trump as the opponent that they’d most like to see in the general.

Mitt Romney is a good man.  He has a phenomenal track record of success.  But the base won’t tolerate him hijacking the convention, nor will they move to him in large enough numbers as an alternative to #NeverTrump.

At the closing of Mitt’s speech, he said:

I’m convinced that America has greatness ahead, and that this is a time for choosing. God Bless us to choose a nominee who will make that vision a reality.

It is a time for choosing, but there is only one path available to save the GOP and to make America the “Shining City on the Hill”: swallow your pride, reach out to Ted Cruz, and offer to give him your endorsement.  If you think you have it in you, and if he’s so inclined, ask him to let you join him on a Cruz/Romney ticket.  America could do worse (and might) than a conservative/moderate alliance in 2016.