College students should think twice before the next Trump rally protest

The organized protest at the March 11 Trump campaign rally was designed and organized to help Hillary Clinton defeat Donald Trump in several ways.  It also exposed the tactics of progressive liberalism: progressives feel threatened by Trump, and they are dragging out their traditional campaign tactics.

Democrats have always believed that money wins political campaigns.  So when Donald Trump is able to muster a lot of free national news media attention for his campaign, that is seen by Democrats as a threat to their control of media messaging through their use of campaign contributions.

The protest in Chicago succeeded in disrupting not only Trump's campaign rally, but his control of the news cycle.  He has been able to get his message to voters without paying for high TV advertising.  But the goal of the protests is to interfere with Trump's message and replace it with their own: the message that Trump is intolerant and divisive and encourages violence.

The irony, and hypocrisy, of the anti-Trump rally was that it used violence, and the threat of violence, as a way of getting out the message that Trump encourages violence.  As soon as the scuffles were shown on TV, the news commentators stated that the conflict proves that Trump encourages violence, that he brings out the xenophobia of his supporters and encourages them to be intolerant.

The fact is, the anti-Trump protest was carefully designed and engineered using social media as a rapid-deployment tool to encourage controversy. admitted that it was instrumental in the organization of the anti-Trump protest.  And since the TV cameras focused on physical scuffles at the Trump rally, it is not unreasonable to believe that a small number of people infiltrated the rally area and intentionally engaged in fisticuffs to attract media attention and generate visual evidence of the type of behavior encouraged by Donald Trump.

Saul Alinsky would have been proud of this.  And ironically, while Trump's critics note that he uses strong language and engages in behavior that lowers the bar on what campaigners should do during a presidential campaign, their response was to do the same thing, and worse.

These protests will allow Hillary and her party to seize the news coverage away from Trump's message and replace it with their own: that Trump encourages violence through his use of inflammatory language and encouragement of anger.  That Hillary and the DNC encourage Black Lives Matter anger, and that is organizing these anti-Trump protests, will not be discussed.

What these protesting college students need to realize is that colleges are totally controlled by progressive liberal ideology and that they do nothing but exploit students. The startling fact in Illinois, the home of Barack Obama and the site of the anti-Trump protest, is that 53% of the tuition paid at the University of Illinois, Circle Campus, where the protest occurred, goes to college public pensions.  Tuition at that campus protest site has rise 74% in the last ten years, and almost all of that extra tuition cost went straight to pay public university administrators' and professors' pensions.  For twenty years, many will have to work and pay student loan payments.

And the highest paid persons in the state of Illinois University system are professors and administrators who are employed at the very site of that anti-Trump protest.

Those who believe that the Circle Campus protest proved that Donald Trump creates a toxic environment need to understand the toxic environment created by liberal progressive college Democrats.  Their toxic environment is far more consequential to the students; it hinders their ability to earn money, start a business, buy a home, and have a family.