Clarice Feldman reports on the DC GOP Primary

The DC primary was scheduled for June 15, but the RNC said that was too late for their rules so the DC Republican party rented rooms in a DC hotel to hold balloting for president and delegates to the convention. Polling was scheduled for 2-4 PM, although because it falls on the Sabbath they will allow orthodox Jews to vote after sundown. (A number of DC Republicans are orthodox Jews.)

I arrived shortly after 1. The line stretched around the block…. It took me an hour and a half to get through the ballot lines and out. One of the workers told we there are 27,000 registered Republicans in DC. When I passed thru -- about the midway point -- he told me 10,000 had already voted and they had not anticipated turnout would be so high.

As I left, at about 2:29 (that is about halfway thru the scheduled voting) lines were still stretched around the block.

The District of Columbia has 19 delegates to the GOP convention, which compares to 99 up for grabs Tuesday in Florida.


The official results show 2,448 (update: 2,839) votes cast:

I cannot imagine how there could have been less than 3000 votes cast -- as the local media videos showed, the lone snaked around several blocks for hours and as I said the poll worker said 10,000 had voted by the time I got to the ballots. Mysterious…. They did have only 15 rented voting booths so the worker must have been mistaken and the line very very, very slow.