Chelsea Clinton says her mother may solve ‘crushing costs’ of Obamacare with ‘executive action’

Once again, Chelsea Clinton is being used by her mother’s campaign to propose outlandishly expensive proposals in health care and attack other Democrats, while providing deniability for Hillary.  Yesterday, Obamacare was characterized by Chelsea as imposing “crushing costs,” a clear slam of President Obama’s signature legislative achievement, something that could cost votes if Hillary made such a statement.

Chelsea’s proposed remedies include “executive action” (evidently Hillary has a pen and a phone, just like Obama) or congressional action to extend “tax credits” or other support.  Grab your wallets, and prepare for Obamacare to get even more expensive for taxpayers.  Watch (hat tip: Shoshanna Weissmann, Weekly Standard):

This is part of a pattern.  A couple of weeks ago, Chelsea floated the idea that Obamacare should be extended to illegal aliens, and before that she served as an attack dog charging that Bernie Sanders would dismantle Obamacare.  As a young mother, now very visibly pregnant, Chelsea gets a lot of immunity from attack, something she has enjoyed since her days as a White House child.  Now a multimillionaire living in a huge Manhattan apartment, she continues to be sheltered from the vicissitudes ordinary folk would have to endure and to enjoy fawning press.

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