Brussels terror attacks target Euro-elite

The latest Islamist attack on Europe didn’t target young people at a concert venue, café-goers, and soccer fans, the way the recent Paris attack did.  This time subway stations, including one near the EU headquarters, and the American Airlines check-in counter at Brussels Zaventum Airport, a place where diplomats can be found every day, were the targets.  The exact death toll is unknown at this time, but dozens will likely be dead and a multiple of that wounded when the count is available.

Belgians are waking up to the fact that they have been sheltering a hostile population of Islamists in their midst, concentrated in the Molenbeek and close to the heart of Brussels.  Ronny Gordon, who has relatives in Belgium, understands the shock they feel:

Security expert John Schindler is scathing in his denunciation of Belgium’s de facto open city policies toward Islamists:





Belgians and Europeans were already starting to realize that they are hosting immigrant communities that will shelter terrorists when it took them so long to find Paris attack mastermind Abdelslam as he lived fairly openly in Molenbeek.  If thousands of people in the heart of their capital will shelter and protect someone like this, what could lie ahead?

Well, the answer started to unfold this morning on the Brussels metro and at the airport.

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