As SecState, no record that Hillary attended mandatory briefings on handling of classified materials

Because of the evolving nature of cyber-security threats in particular, the State Department requires all employees to attend yearly briefings on security.  Yet according to documents released by the State Department in response to a FOIA action by the Daily Caller News Foundation, Hillary Clinton attended only one such briefing at the beginning of her term in office.  Richard Pollock writes:

Clinton’s sole briefing occurred on January 22, the day after the Senate confirmed her to the post. On that date, as the nation’s top diplomat, Clinton signed a document acknowledging she received a security briefing.

“I hereby acknowledge that I have received a security indoctrination concerning the nature and protection of SCI,” or the nation’s highest classified materials, was part of the pledge in the document.

But there is no evidence that she received any briefings after that, according to the documents provided to TheDCNF by the State Department. The department’s Foreign Assistance Manual requires all State Department employees to receive regular security training at least once a year.

Note that her sole briefing took place before her private email server was set up to handle official State Department business, establishing that she knew it was contrary to policy and practice at the State Department.

Her failure to attend the other briefings most likely is a matter of her feeling above the law, but it would be good to question her on why she failed to follow the requirements of her office.  Perhaps in a presidential debate.

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