An appeal to Trump and Cruz supporters

We must resist the Socialist Democrats’ effort to forge, with the MSM’s aid, an irreparable split between us.

Full disclosure: I voted for Cruz in the Texas primary.  If Trump is the GOP nominee, I’ll vote for him in November.

I will not approach, in either case, the voting booth as I voted for McRomney, with a pinched nose.  But with zeal.  If my car won’t start, I’ll walk to the polling booth – only because I’m too old to run.  

Today, some Trump supporters are feeling surrounded by three camps: one from the GOPe’s Machiavellian efforts to find a third way other than Trump or Cruz; by Slithery Hillary’s sustained but weakening campaign, inevitably touted by rigged polling; and by that Anglo army of Comrade Bernie supporters made up of aging Democrat Socialists aligned with college-aged snowflakes who were never taught the definition and history of socialism by the progressive academies of “higher education.”

Meanwhile, for Trump and Cruz, the other is the immediate adversary – as it should be at this point.  But we will all pass this point. 

As the interim mud wrestling between the two leading Republican candidates continues, let’s remember we share a serious and common adversary who will, eventually, require us to unite: the final POTUS candidate of the Democrat Socialist Party.

The Democrats have yet to officially adopt that new party name, but a rose by any other name…

For a multimedia appreciation of Comrade Bernie’s trifecta primary wins last Saturday, play this background music while reviewing the overwhelming margins of his victories.  He didn’t just win in Hawaii, Washington, and Alaska – he smashed Clinton.   

Bernie’s fans are the advance guard of the New Democrat Socialist Party.  If you want to see its core composition, watch this video, where two 20-somethings, with shameless good humor, collect money to build Trump’s Wall from Comrade Bernie supporters standing in line to attend a Bernie Rally in Ohio.

(Note that the only black people you see are two enterprising hawkers of Bernie gear.)

Neither Trump nor Cruz supporters are fooled by the GOPe’s efforts to deploy GOP face men to endorse Cruz.  We see the GOPe’s transparent agenda when Jeb Bush and Lindsey Graham endorse Ted.  We won’t be surprised if Bob Dole – any day now – joins the Cruz Bandwagon, while Mitt continues to endorse state by state. 

The GOP is a political party struggling to hold onto its legacy status quo, caught in a pincer movement between two rogue candidates.  (The career Union Army general offices must have felt similarly when they looked up to see a crazy former streetcar company president named Sherman and a tanner from Illinois named Grant in charge of Lincoln’s armies.)

Whether Cruz or Trump is the GOP nominee, the time will come when those on both sides will heed the appeal to something beyond candidate personalities: patriotism. 

Because most Americans are not Socialists, and never have been.  To quote the current American president who doesn’t understand the differences among socialism, communism, fascism, corporatism, and capitalism, “that’s not who we are.”

And the only difference between Slithery Hillary and Comrade Bernie is gender.