Another celebrity promises to leave us thanks to Trump

If Mitt Romney's whiny, snobby temper tantrum insisting he will not play with the Republicans if Donald Trump is their nominee because Trump is not nice doesn't convince you to vote for Trump, then the growing list of, um, unpleasant celebrities who promise to leave this country if Trump is elected should.  The latest: 23-year-old Miley Cyrus.  As she so eloquently explained:

& YOU DT ARE NOT GOD NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU THINK YOU ARE!!! (& if he doesn't think he is "God" he thinks he is the [f******] chosen one or some shit! We're all just [f******] jam between his rich ass toes! Honestly [f***] this [s***] I am moving if this is my president! I don't say things I don't mean! )

Mean it, Miley!  Go!  Whether he is elected or not, several million Americans support him.    

But to where will all these expatriates flee?  The far-left New York Daily News posted a Make America Migrate "cheat sheet" with some helpful hints, such as which of those lucky receiving countries the émigrés should consider based on their preferences and finances – with a nice reminder:

Unfortunately, you can't just pick up everything you own and move across the globe. You're going to need the right documents.

Oh.  What?  People immigrate here constantly, illegally, without the "right documents."  They're euphemistically known as "the undocumented," and some think they're entitled to the same rights and benefits of taxpaying American citizens.  Apparently there isn't reciprocity.  How racist of all these countries.

So, suggests the NY Daily News:

Try the ultimate Trump protest

Since the start of his campaign, Trump has griped about immigrants entering the U.S. illegally. The boldest American escapees may want to consider the truest form of Trump dissidence: Running across the border without a visa.

(Note: the Daily News does not endorse illegal immigration.)

(That's nice.)

More helpful hints. 

Settling into a foreign land can be as daunting as getting there. The grass isn't always greener on the other, Trump-free side[.]

My sure to be labeled racist insight: This country will be so much better without all these promised emigrant ingrates. 

Go, already!