With new email release, total of classified emails on Hillary’s unsecured server reaches 1,818

The damage to national security from Hillary Clinton’s choice to use an unsecured private server to handle all her State Department business is substantial and could well be catastrophic.  Friday night’s release of 800 emails included 88 more with classified data, bringing the total to 1,818, including 22 so top-secret that no portion of them can be released to the public.

It is all but certain that America’s enemies, ever alert to hacking opportunities, have read everything that was on the server, even the yoga positions and wedding plans.  But also the national security details, including names of secret agents in our employ.

Mrs. Clinton’s explanation for her recklessness has been shown to be false; she has been photographed using more than one portable device, contradicting her rationale that she wanted to carry only one email instrument.  What we don’t yet know is what “private” business she conducted for the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Family in the course of dealing with foreign governments.  Sources connected to the FBI are expressing confidence that the emails supposedly “wiped” (but not “with a cloth,” as she quipped) have been recovered, at least in part.

The fate of her candidacy is now in the FBI’s hands.

All we can do is wait and hope that it all comes out, preferably in the form of an indictment.

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