Will Argentina ever get to the bottom of the Jewish Center bombing?

Down in Argentina, President Mauricio Macri is hearing it every day: "justicia," or justice. 

Many people want to know the truth of who was behind that terrible terrorist attack on July 18, 1994 that killed 87 people.  

According to Jonathan Gilbert, we may get to the bottom of the story after all of these years:

For more than two decades, an investigation into the suicide bombing of a Jewish center here in 1994 that killed 85 people has faced setbacks and controversy. It caused an intractable rift between Argentina and Iran. A former president has been put on trial, accused of orchestrating a cover-up. And a prosecutor involved in the case died last year in murky circumstances.

But now, Argentina’s new government is pledging to finally get to the bottom of a case that cost the country about $3.5 million last year alone, and that took on a life of its own, swallowing up many who touched it.

President Mauricio Macri, who took office in December, has revamped the government department assigned to the bombing investigation and has vowed to introduce legislation that would allow for the trial of suspects in absentia.

The question is whether those efforts, which face considerable legal hurdles and political opposition, will translate into lasting results in the long-running case.

There are many outstanding questions:  

1)  Was Iran's role covered up by the Kirchner-Fernandez administration?  

2)  Who killed Alberto Nisman, the prosecutor on the case, the night before he was to make a presentation to Congress? 

3)  Will President Macri risk a political crisis to get to the bottom of this?  Would it be better for him to focus on more immediate economic problems, such as job growth and a very unhappy middle class?  

As with Benghazi, emotions are high because there are dead people and families seeking answers.  Furthermore, there is a sense that the administration withheld evidence to protect itself.  

We don't know all of the answers today.  We do know that the story won't go away until someone gets to the bottom of this mess.

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