We must have an immediate Scalia autopsy

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has died, deeply mourned by his friends and admirers, while liberals are happily celebrating his demise (in their usual indecent fashion).  La Raza, radical environmentalists, and the affirmative action establishment are celebrating today.

Scalia’s sudden death leaves a 4-4 split on the Court, neutralizing the power of the Court until a ninth justice is confirmed.  But Obama might try to make a recess appointment, thereby sabotaging the Senate’s advice and consent role.  He has already done that with the fraud-filled Iranian nuclear surrender “treaty.”  This president has open contempt for the U.S. Constitution, and Scalia was a passionate constitutionalist.

The battle lines for a successor were drawn within 24 hours of Scalia’s death.  No post-mortem was conducted in Texas, which is itself a major reason for concern – and one that is easy to solve by insisting on an extremely thorough study of his remains by highly reputable pathologists.

There are very few indispensable people in this world, but Justice Antonin Scalia came as close as anyone.  His sudden death creates an opportunity to change the balance on the Court for years to come, a major long-term aspiration of the hard left.  Scalia was beloved by American conservatives and ferociously hated by the left, not excluding the highest levels of the Democratic Party.

That is why it is crucial to have a Joint Committee of Congress to put any reasonable doubts to rest.

We are living in extremely dangerous time, both domestically and in foreign affairs.  Domestically, we are more divided today than we have been since Vietnam.  The Party Line media have gone out of their way to divide the country by race, gender, and sexual preference.  Those divisive tactics have enraged some people on both sides to the point of threatening violence.

American politics works peacefully only with some degree of basic trust, even among political opponents.  Healthy politics allows for heated debate without shredding that trust.

Obama has left no doubt that he is determined to change the balance on the Court for many years to come.  On the GOP side, Donald Trump instantly recommended “delay, delay, delay” on any successor.

Justice Scalia’s sudden passing may have been due to natural causes.  But for the first time since the assassinations of JFK and Martin Luther King, Jr., many Americans are sincerely wondering what might have happened.  They are not just on the paranoid fringe. 

President Obama is constantly claiming unconstitutional powers, something that Justice Scalia opposed with all the intellectual force at his command.  Meanwhile, the Supreme Court itself has come under serious criticism ever since Chief Justice Roberts issued self-contradictory opinions favoring Obamacare.  Hillary Clinton is being credibly accused of national security felonies as secretary of state, and the DOJ and FBI are said to be at odds on indicting Hillary.  If she becomes president, there is likely to be a bloodbath in the permanent government in D.C.  A perfect storm is rising in American politics.

As we can tell from the jubilation on the left, Justice Scalia had hateful enemies, and he must have received death threats, which the FBI must now re-examine.  The American public must also know on whose authority an obviously necessary post-mortem examination was avoided.  The best way to restore public trust is to appoint a bipartisan congressional committee to oversee a medical pathology team.

In the seven years of Obama, Washington, D.C. has become a city of fear.  No one was afraid to smear and assault George W. Bush during his presidency.  But Obama has been nearly immune – and it’s not just his magical charm.  Obama and Jarrett use ruthless tactics to frighten the politicians in D.C.  Some Democratic City Machines, including Chicago, have a long history of gang collusion.  Saul Alinsky advocated a left-syndicate alliance in Chicago, and Alinsky wrote the political agitation manual for Obama and Hillary.

None of this comes close to proving that Justice Scalia died from anything other than natural causes.  We simply do not know at this point.  But we can know the answer by conducting the appropriate post-mortem examination.

It is only reasonable to insist on that.

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