Vicious 'knockout game' racial hate crime captured on camera

The rhetoric of victimization has progressed to the point where young black people apparently think they are free to assault other races, record the act, and post the videos to social media, with no consequences to follow. The fact that they are mistaken in that belief, and often apprehended, is cold comfort to the victims, singled out for attack because of race. The so-called knockout game (aka, polar-bearing, polar bear hunting, point ‘em out, and others) is a sign of our times.

The video below was taken in Paterson, NJ:


The videographer can be heard egging on the attacker. It is clear that both of them think that it is fun to hurt people and feel no hint of empathy. Complete dehumanization of “the other” (a favorite concept that the left uses to disparage white people).

Once the video became public, the local police vowed action and according to

A city teen faces charges and another teenager was being sought for their roles in unprovoked attack that was recorded in a video widely shared on social media, authorities said Saturday night. (snip)

The attacker faces charges of aggravated assault and endangering an injured victim, the police director said. He was at large.

The other boy, a 16-year-old, recorded the brutal attack and was heard on the video egging on the attacker, [Paterson Police Director] Speziale added.

#blacklivesmatter is committed to the view that blacks are victims, period, and the media largely reinforce this view. But the crime statistics indicate that for inter-racial violence, blacks are overwhelmingly in the role of perpetrators compared to the role of victims.

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