Unionized news outlet cheers Scalia's death

The death of Antonin Scalia has, as usual brought the absolute worst out in some liberals, whose professed love of humanity takes a curious turn when they reveal feelings of triumph and celebration at the death of a prominent conservative.

In this case, far-left journalists gave a new definition to the word "rancid":

Gloating over the death of anyone in 140 characters is fairly easy.  But how about an entire column devoted to celebrating Scalia's death?

Gawker, the Nick Denton creation, was recently unionized.  Writer Hamilton Nolan points out that Scalia's passing probably saved public unions.

Daily Caller:

Unionized news outlet Gawker Media cheered Justice Antonin Scalia’s death in a ostentatious victory chant Monday. Because of Scalia’s vote (now lack thereof) in a case aimed at ending mandatory public union dues, Gawker’s Hamilton Nolan felt it necessary to literally praise Scalia for dying,since his death now makes public unions significantly more likely to win.

The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments Jan. 11 in the case to end mandatory union dues for public-sector workers. Scalia was believed to be the deciding vote against required dues. News outlets were quick to note how his death impacts the ongoing case, but Nolan in his piece, “By Dying, Antonin Scalia Saves Public Sector Unions,” decided to take it a step further.

“Antonin Scalia may have singlehandedly saved America’s public sector unions by dying when he did,” Nolan wrote. “By dying tragically as he did, it appears that Antonin Scalia has now left the court with what may be a 4-4 ruling.”

A tie would result in the case going back down to the previous court’s decision, which would put it firmly in favor of public sector unions.

Nolan is a long time union advocate and even helped his own outlet transition to organized labor. He has written about the benefits of newsrooms moving towards representation on numerous occasions.

“This, which does not depend on any Congressional maneuvering or political grandstanding, could be the most important direct legacy of Antonin Scalia’s death,” Nolan added. “Public unions will live to fight another day.”

A lot of left-wing sites like to think themselves "edgy."  But this column edges off the cliff and crashes and burns.  To turn a political argument into an attack on a dead man is so far beyond the skein of human decency that Nolan and his editor, who allowed this crap to be published, should be ashamed.

I know that the same thing happens on Twitter when a liberal dies.  Some trolls using the comforting blanket of anonymity will say just about any vile, disgusting thing to denigrate political personalities from either side.

But Hamilton Nolan is not a Twitter troll, and his disgusting screed should never have seen the light of day.

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