Trump and the angry voters

Trump dominates each day's news cycle by multiples of the coverage given his rivals.  Yet he still seems to have a marked ceiling in his appeal, despite a record turnout in an open presidential primary with no Democrat contest on the other side of the ballot.  In many of the upcoming primaries, the Democrats will be voting at the same time, plus all the contests for state and local office will be on the ballot.  

The exit polls show that the angrier people were, the more likely it is they supported Trump.  I suspect that a large slice of them may be more interested in the catharsis of expressing their own anger than they are in the bona fides of the vehicle they have selected for that expression.  In other words, it is the Trump voters who are the ones who are not listening right now.  Ask any shrink.  Angry people don't listen to reason. 

It's all a bit like the guy who gets mad at the world for something that happened between him and his longtime girlfriend.  So many times while in that state, he can end up hitched to a woman who is 100 times worse than the one he got so mad at.  And when he finally is clear-eyed again, one often hears "why didn't anyone tell me what she was really like?"  The answer often is, I did, and you socked me in the face.

The divorce of Trump from many of his supporters will happen.  It is only a question of when.  Too many Trump supporters have too many high expectations that he will be single-minded in pursuit of certain goals, while for Trump, the overriding goal has always been that a deal gets made.  It's quite ironic, since so many of his supporters say they are mad at Republicans for making deals with Obama.

Until it happens, I expect to get socked in the jaw a lot.

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