Trump and the American identity

The sine qua non of our country is her people owning and treasuring their American identity.

There exists a divide among people in America.  It doesn’t have to do with gender, the color of one’s skin, or one’s social status; it has to do with wanting to be an American.  Wanting to be American is the main issue facing 146 million voters this election cycle.  And it isn’t a coincidence that political correctness, which takes away national identity, has been causing our country to go bankrupt while reducing our status among other countries.

During one of my college classes, I got into an argument with other students about English being America’s national language.  My classmates thought patriotism is an evil, and they acted as if I was immoral for standing in the way of progress.  They viewed having a country with borders as being divisive.  Since I clearly stated that I embrace being American, they sneered at me as though I was sinful.  Even Christians I knew, when they would see Christian-themed posters on the wall, would say, “Isn’t that offensive?”  But then I would say, “There’s an LGBTQ poster next to it.  Why are they allowed to have it on the wall and Christians can’t?”

Many candidates in the Republican Party know what the problems are in our country: illegal immigration, unsecured borders, national trade deficits, poor education, high unemployment, and the list goes on.  They say things like “when I was a senator, I balanced the budget” or “I helped lower unemployment in my state.”  They no doubt really do want to help people get a leg up.  But they are missing the crux of the problem.

Only one of the candidates in the presidential race has his finger on the issue: Donald Trump.  No matter what some may think of his personality, his hairstyle, his awkward attempts to speak about faith, he is indisputably right when it comes to knowing what will reboot our great country.

Trump has diagnosed the cause of America’s decline.  He has repeated many times that “if you don’t have borders, you don’t have a country.”  Each issue with which he engages – be it building a wall, replacing Obamacare, or eliminating Common Core – is connected to American identity.

No borders – no country.  No money or jobs – no country.  No unity – no country.  No sovereignty – no country.  Trump understands this, and he wants America to last for generations.  He knows that this is a pivotal moment in American history.  We are on the brink of implosion.  If people fail to seize now the character that defines America, then communism, Marxism, and socialism will have conquered the world.

Don’t be afraid to say proudly, “I am an American.  I believe in unalienable rights that include the preservation of religious freedom; the right of a child to have a father and mother; the right for each person to be allowed to defend himself and his family with arms; the right of the most vulnerable, weak, and needy to be protected at every stage of life; and laws in place to make sure we are all protected.”

These rights are what distinguished America from every other nation when the U.S. Constitution was drafted.  These rights are still what can distinguish us from every other nation on Earth, if we so choose.