The impact of Scalia's death on the major court cases to be decided this term

The current term of the Supreme Court began the first Monday in October and will continue until at least late June. Several major cases have already been argued before the justices, but the vote on those decisions as well as several high profile cases that have yet to be heard must now go forward without the court's most reliable conservative voice. What does that mean for major cases on abortion, the Obamacare contraception mandate, affirmative action, voting rights, and other issues? Washington Examiner: Abortion: On March 2 the court will hear the biggest abortion case in years. The case is a challenge to a Texas law implement several restrictive regulations on abortion clinics and providers. If the court votes 4-4, then the lower court's ruling affirming the law stands. Power plants: One of Scalia's last acts was to vote to stay the Clean Power Plan while the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals hears the case, an act that the lower court had refused...(Read Full Post)