The GOP duping of America

The mild-mannered, gentle, and highly respected Byron York of the Washington Examiner stated this morning on the Bill Bennett radio program (paraphrased): "The majority of Ted Cruz supporters I've spoken with would switch to Donald Trump if Cruz were ever to drop out of this race.  A Cruz exit would in no way benefit Marco Rubio." 

Marco Rubio’s campaign outspent the Cruz campaign in South Carolina by almost 2 to 1.  Given the obvious anti-Cruz media bias and GOP establishment endorsements, to include Governor Nikki Haley-S.C., Rep. Trey Gowdy-S.C., and Sen. Tim Scott-S.C., and with Rubio’s nearly double campaign spending, Rubio achieved merely 1,000 votes more than Ted Cruz.  Let this reality sink in.  What would be the equivalent cash value of all the negative, anti-Cruz “reporting” that Fox News, MSNBC and CNN “contributed” to the Rubio campaign?

Ted Cruz has won the youth vote (17-29) among all the Republican candidates in 100% of the first three races – Iowa, N.H., and S.C.  This fact has rarely, if ever, reported by our “friends” in the media.

Marco Rubio has never beaten, nor will he likely beat, Donald Trump in a three-man contest.  But Ted Cruz has beaten Trump, and he will again.  Rubio is losing badly to Cruz in Texas and to both Cruz and Trump in Florida, his home state.  Texas and Florida are perhaps two of the most critical states in this 2016 primary race, and Rubio has no chance of winning either.

America needs a clear choice between the only two realistically viable candidates in the 2016 race – before the only candidate standing is Donald Trump.  A vote for Marco Rubio is tantamount to a vote for Donald Trump.  Quite simply, common sense says Marco Rubio can't win either a three-man or a two-man race.

America, do not be futile in casting your vote for Marco Rubio based on media propaganda and the desperation of the GOP establishment.  Rubio is “their guy,” and he simply can't win in this year of insurgency.  But he can assure a Trump nomination, which coincidentally happens to be a dream come true for Hillary Clinton and the mainstream media. 

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