The Debate, the Court, the Country

Drudge voters aside, Trump did NOT win the Republican debate tonight.  In fact, Trump's  behavior in the debate should take him out of the running.  He is the perfect and ultimate illustration of a "nasty guy."  His answers contained no specifics, only insults.   He accuses his opponents of being liars while he serially lies himself to serve his own purposes.  He rudely interrupts.   

While millions of us embrace his contempt for the scourge of political correctness, his contempt for Obama's abrogation of our immigration laws,  and this administration's destruction of the America in which I grew up, Trump is a man without a shred of grace or class.  This is not man who should be President of these United States.  Obama has brought us low with purposeful weakness and incompetence.  Trump would bring us down with an arrogance built on ignorance of how international politics work.  Being good at real estate transactions does not a President make.

This debate was another disservice to voters.  CBS, always and forever dedicated to advancing the leftist agenda, especially John Dickerson who a few years ago advised Obama to "destroy the GOP," saw to it that it became a cage fight, not a substantive discussion.  How starved the conservative public is for a debate moderated by Rush Limbaugh and/or  Mark Levin?  By Hugh Hewitt, Larry Elder and/or Dennis Prager? Each of those people are honest brokers who are infinitely more informed and incisive than John Dickerson.  Dickerson may be proud of himself for engendering the spats, but he is a lightweight compared to the Limbaughs and Mark Levins who are our national treasures, the true defenders of our freedoms and our Constitution.

Donald Trump is not a conservative.  He is not even a nominal Republican.  He is a non-ideological deal maker whose motive is always and only that he wins.  Does he want to make American great again?  Yes, of course he does. On that he is sincere.  But he has not a clue how to make that happen.  Negotiating with a megolomaniac like Putin is probably not like negotiating  a multi-million dollar real estate deal.  He seems to think that if he "hires the best people" it will just happen.  He has yet to reveal who those people are.  

The untimely death of Antonin Scalia makes it all the more crucial that a conservative wins in November.  Scalia was the last, best defender of the Constitution on the Court.  Even John Roberts twisted himself into knots to save Obamacare.  Seven years of Obama have brought the country to its knees - culturally, economically, and globally.  Obama has made it clear that he loathes our Constitution.  Obama has made us much less safe from terrorism by importing tens of thousands of "migrants" and "refugees."  Trump is right about one thing, we are a dying country.  With the loss of Scalia, the Supreme Court may well be lost to radical leftism as well.  

Obama appointed two judicial lightweights, Kagan and Sotomayor, dependable votes for the further destruction of American values, the further adulteration of American society. Obama will try, within the week,  to place yet another ideologue on the Court.  The Republicans must stand up to him this time.  They absolutely must not let Obama appoint another justice to the Supreme Court.  It would be the final nail in the coffin of our democratic republic,  the last nudge from freedom to tyranny. 

Rubio won the debate tonight, hands down.  Despite his mistakes with the gang of eight, he would be a good president, as would Cruz.  Carson was good tonight. Even Bush was on point tonight.  Kasich, not so much.  But Trump proved he is not presidential material.  He is a schoolyard bully who spews invective for the mere sport of it.