Talia, leave your heart in San Francisco โ€“ your job is moving to Arizona

For the past few days, recently unemployed Talia ben Ora, otherwise known as Talia Jane, has been criticized and mocked as a perfect example of spoiled young ones who expect everything handed to them, including a job that pays well beyond their skill set, including here.  Her blog complaint to her boss – that San Francisco's high cost of living left her with little money to spend for essentials, let alone discretionary delights – is valid, even though the posting resulted in her termination. Even her boss Jeremy Stoppelman, chief executive of Yelp, agrees.  And he is going to do something about it.  No, not rehire her.  No, not give every employee a raise.  Instead, the job, support for Yelp's Eat24, will move to Phoenix, Arizona, which has a lower cost of living both for employees and employers.  Stoppelman tweeted: "1/5 Late last night I read Talia's medium contribution and want to...(Read Full Post)