Sweden not impressed with the results of Hillary’s ‘reset’ with Russia, plans for war (updated)

Far from ushering in an era of peace and mutual understanding, the naïve weakness Hillary Clinton showed in her infamous 2009 “reset” meeting with Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov has led to aggressive expansionism that now has Sweden preparing for war.

In a stunning reversal, a senior Swedish military figure has announced to the armed forces that Sweden will have to turn away from its reliance on aid missions and instead focus on rearmament to deter an increasingly aggressive Russia.  He even predicts that within a few years, Russia and Sweden could be “at war.”

Gerald O’Dwyer reports in Defense News:

…a senior military chief stated the Nordic state could find itself under attack "within a few years."

The warning, made by Swedish Armed Forces’ Maj. Gen. Anders Brännström, came the same week that NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg confirmed, in the organization’s Annual Report, that Russian Tupolev Tu-22M3 bombers accompanied by Sukhoi Su-27 jets conducted a simulated "training" nuclear strike targeting key Swedish defense installations in March 2013.

Brännström stated, in an internal military document forwarded to officers and soldiers attending the armed forces' Markstrids’ (Land Combat) conference in the sub-Arctic town of Boden, that the changed post-Cold War security landscape will require Sweden to downgrade international missions and prioritize reinforcing national defense readiness and capabilities.

"The world situation that we are experiencing, which is clear from strategic decisions made, leads to the conclusion that we could be at war within a few years. For all of us in the military we must, with all the force we can marshal, implement the political decisions," Brännström wrote in the memo.

The military chiefs’ appraisal mirrors the strategic assessment of Sweden’s political leaders, said Allan Widman, chairman of the Swedish national parliament’s Committee on Defense.

There are multiple foreign policy disasters coming out of the Obama-Clinton years of diplomacy.  While the rise of ISIS and the Benghazi debacle have received much commentary from the GOP, the encouragement of Russian aggression through a policy of weakness may ironically be the trigger for a disastrous war.

The “reset” was a botch from the start, with a too-cute-by-half use of a “reset button” that references a domestic Staples [fixed –ed.] commercial completely unknown to Russians or the world community.  Such was the incompetence that the Russian word chosen to translate “reset” means “overcharge.”

The picture of Hillary and Lavrov with her idiot grin may be remembered as bitterly ironic, in the manner of Chamberlain hailing his Munich agreement as “peace in our time.”

Hat tip: Stephen Bryen, Clarice Feldman

Update from Drew Belsky: Also worth remembering on Hillary's famous “Russian overcharge” is that the Obama administration could not be bothered even to render its cutesy button in Cyrillic, the Russian alphabet.  Latin characters only for Сергей Лавров and the родина.

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